GLOBE App Scavenger Hunt

Using the GLOBE App, please find these places in Asia. Record your answers on a sheet of paper, or save them onto Google Docs.

What are the 6 recognized languages of China?

What country is the largest by land area?

What country is the second largest by land area?

In what country is the world’s highest point? What is it called? What is it’s elevation?

Which island country is the world’s 12th most populous nation with a population of over 99 million?

Which is the world’s largest land locked country?

Ulan Bator is the capital of which country?

Tsakhiagi Elbegdorj is the president of which Asian country?

In which country did Taekwondo originate?

Which country has a motto of “Powerful and Prosperous nation”?

Which country has a total land area of 870,000 square miles?

Which country is surrounded by Iran. Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzberkistan and Turkmenistan?

Which country is the second most populous in the world?

Which capital city is located at 35º41’N 139º46E?

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung is the prime minister of which country?

Where is the Taj Mahal found? What is it?

What is the absolute location of Moscow?

What is the relative location of Ukraine?

What ethnic groups are found in Japan?

In which countries are the Himalayas found? What are they?