Blue planet
We begin the year looking at how we make observations and draw conclusions. Activities will including written and observations of ourselves, our neighborhoods and our school. We will also explore the metric system as a measuring tool.
The side bar labels the various science topics and provides numerous links to fun and informative web sites.

Occasional project assignments may include homework assignments. Incomplete work will be homework.


***As we study ecosystems we will be researching different organisms and their ecosystems.

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Links to sites about organisms and their ecosystems:

underwater creatures
utah ed site
animal and habitat information

enature web site, animals and plants
specific animal information

great pictures of animals in their habitats. BBC
animal pictures and videos

enchanted learning

Blue planet

Biomes UC Berkley
World Biomes

Kids Konnect. Safe links to sites

animal adaptations

plant adaptation

plant, animal, biome videos

tube food chain


water cycle
the effects of water polution on marine life

save my oceans

NE Marine ecosystemNE Marine ecosystem

Here is a Jeopardy game to practice concepts jeopardy

predator prey activity

Interactions of Organisms

The study of producers, consumers and decomposers through the food chain and web.
links to sites about food webs:

bill nye food webs

food web rap

Rabbits and wolves activity

food webs

kids planet

thermal vents
food webs quiz